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Too often, people tend to forget the things that are important in their lives. No man is an island, and no one should ever think they are. That will never be the case here.

This page is dedicated to the most important people in my life: My Mother, Juanita Collins Rhine, who has always loved Vaiden with all her heart, and has instilled that love in me; My Father, Alf Trotter Collins, who always provided for his family with love and untiring devotion; My Uncle, Wilson M. Caddess, and Aunt, Louise H. Caddess, who were my second family; and my sons, Cody Ryan and Sean Eric Collins, who are constant reminders of why we have memories of our childhood, and who think their Dad can do anything.
The Information and Photographs: Thanks to Frances (Bud) Jordan Welch for the hundreds of pictures from her never-ending photo album; to Dennis Welch, for the wonderful photos of Vaiden and the Vaiden Courthouse just before its demolition; to Ricky Downs, for the photos of the Vaiden Courthouse during its better days; to Jennifer Ford at the Ole Miss Archive Dept. of the J.D. Williams Library, for early Vaiden information; to Ken Regan of the MS. Supreme Court Law Library for the Incorporation Data; to Mrs. Evelyn Ross for the picture of Vaiden in the 1950s; to Wayne Strahan for the 1954 Vaiden Yearbook Pictures; to Hon. Charles Ellis, Circuit Clerk of Carroll County, for the support and use of his office; to Hon. Mary Ann Stevens, State Representative, for information on Dr. Vaiden; to Rubye Miller for the photos of her family, the Heritage House and Dr. Arrington; to Shirley Jenkins Miller for the photo of Jenkins' Grocery; to Henry Stokes, Managing Editor of the Commercial Appeal for permission to electronically reproduce the George Moreland Articles of 1929; to Rachel Shands Buser for the pictures of her friends and family and of the Episcopal Church; to Nell Stanley for the wonderful geneology of Cowles Mead, to Mrs. Edith Fullilove Kitchens for the many wonderful pictures and the hospitality in her home; and to all my friends and supporters for the encouragement to bring this series of pages to the world.
Sunbeams/Mission Friends: Thanks to all the wonderful people at the Baptist WMU, and its affilates for the instantaneous response to request for information on the Sunbeams/Mission Friends. The first article is by Teresa Dickens, WMU; the second is from the Mission Friends Guide, Chapter 5, Page 25, by Kathy Burns, WMU, in Birmingham, Alabama; to Kay Cassibry, Executive Director of the WMU in Jackson, Mississippi; to Barbara Owens, WMU, Betsy Lowery, WMU; Ken Watkins, BSU Director at Mississippi State University; Jean Forbis for the article copies; Les Hughes, Christian Studies & Philosophy at Mississippi College; Heather Watters, WMU Librarian; and to Bob Murgaugh, Beverly Miller, and Charles Wills, for the relay of my requests to the sources listed above.
The Coverage: Thanks to Joel McNeece and the Staff of the Winona Times and the Conservative for spreading the word about the Vaiden Page. For subscriptions to the Winona Times or Conservative, e-mail them at .
The History: Thanks to the People of the Town of Vaiden, for always making me feel at home. Many have gone to their rest, and will never be forgotten. How humbling to think that, if we forget our Blessings during this short journey we call life, we will have an eternity to never remember them.
The Life: Most of all, thank God for the Courage to endure; the Love of the endurance; and the Will not to quit. To Him Be the Glory.

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