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The site ( is looking for 12 (or more) sponsors – one per month – for each month of the year, annually.


The cost is $15.00 a month (this is what it costs to keep the site online – this is to cover the cost of keeping the website online.  I’m not making a profit from this.  For instance:  Joe “sponsors” the site, and pays the $15.00 each January; Sue “sponsors” and pays the $15.00 each February; Sam sponsors and pays the $15.00 each March, …etc, etc. through December, and it starts over the next January with Joe again.


I’ve had quite a few of the loyal visitors that have asked me about sponsoring the site.


I will continue to do the additions, photos, scans, and legwork and will continue to retain the web registration.  The registration name of will remain solely in my possession, and will not be for sale.


This is not a solicitation for money to pay me for working on the site.  That, I will gladly do for free as long as I can.  Like I said before, I love Vaiden, and always will.  It is just an idea to offset the costs of keeping the site and VAIDEN alive and online.


To respond with any suggestions or comments, Contact Me.


The hosting site for is Yahoo Hosting.  Payments are due on the 1st of each month every year of the month you decide to sponsor.


At that time, I will list your name on the website as a sponsor for a particular month, unless you’d rather that it not be listed.


Of course, if you’d like to contribute to the Vaiden Site without sponsoring a month, please Contact Me.



Payments can be made by sending me a check via First-Class U.S. Mail (e-mail me for my address), and I will pay for the site each month.  Be sure to include how you want your name listed as sponsor, unless you’d like to remain anonymous.


Once again, please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions.  Here’s hoping that we can keep Vaiden online forever.



12 Months Down, 0 Months To Go

Sponsors as of Wednesday, April 12, 2017


January –  Shelley Walls, Vaiden, MS

February – Don and Joyce Tate – Keller, TX (formerly of Vaiden)

March Dewitt (“Dee”) and Joyce Jordan, Cary, NC

April – Brenda Farrish Robinson and Jackie Robinson – Muscle Shoals, AL; Brenda is originally from Vaiden, MS

May – Martha Nell Collins-Stewart – Upland, CA (formerly of Winona)

June -- John (“Dub”) Pope, Carrollton, MS

July – Mark Shands, Greenville, SC (formerly of Vaiden)

August  Martha Nell Collins-Stewart – Upland, CA (formerly of Winona)

September – Larry Tate, Holcomb, MS (formerly of Vaiden)

October – Ron Miller, Madison, MS

November – Brenda Farrish Robinson and Jackie Robinson – Muscle Shoals, AL; Brenda is originally from Vaiden, MS

December – Dewitt (“Dee”) and Joyce Jordan, Cary, NC


Additional Contributions and Sponsorships


Gearldine McClain Trotter of and for the Vaiden High School Class of 1973



NOTE:  Effective April 12, 2017, there are no months available for sponsorship.


Thanks for your continued support.



Ron Collins, Webmaster




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