Vaiden Monument Inscriptions



West Side:




The devoted wife of C.M. Vaiden

Born March 18, 1819; Died October 6, 1886




East Side: (Statue and relief faces east)


Sacred to the Memory of Dr. Cowles Mead Vaiden

Born in Charles City Co., VA, April 21, 1812

Removed to Mississippi in 1837

Died in Carroll Co., Feb 6, 1880


In early life an Instructor of the Young, he afterwards became successively a Physician,

an Agricultural Land Merchant in all of which vocation in integrity and industry were joined

with wanted success as well as with the esteem of all who knew him.


As a husband he was gentle and loving, as a friend sincere and unchanging, as a citizen generous

public spirited and devoted to the interests of his adopted state.  In an ardent zeal for the more

general education of our youths he showed the true spirit of the Philanthropist. 

The wealth which rewarded his labors was dispensed both publicly and privately

with no sparing hand.  Through many ordeals of a long and varied life, he bore

himself bravely and came out at the last, that Noblest Work of God,

  An Honest Man.




Town Namesake -- History of the Vaiden Statue


Daily Clarion Marker Description – 07/07/1881


Story of the Vaiden Monument

From the W.P.A. Files, 1936-1938


At Dr. Vaiden’s Funeral on February 8, 1880, a horse belonging to Joe Colmery, hitched in front of Rev. T.L. Haman’s home near the cemetery, was stolen.  Mrs. Haman, who was at home, saw the man get the horse and gave the alarm.  When he refused to halt at her order, she sent a message to the cemetery.  The casket was being lowered into the grave, and the resulting confusion caused delay in the rites.  Several men left the cemetery to overtake the thief.  He was caught near West, Mississippi, and taken to the jail in Vaiden.  When tried, he gave as his reason for stealing the horse, a hungry family that had to be fed.  He hoped to sell the horse to buy food.  He was not convicted.




North and south sides have NO inscription.

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