Vaiden’s Highways


Vaiden Map (46 KB .pdf)

Carroll County Map (376 KB .pdf)

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MS Highway 430 (Mulberry Street)

Eastern Terminus: 6.5 Miles East of Vaiden at MS 407

Western Terminus: Downtown Greenwood

Cities Connected:  Vaiden to Blackhawk – 17.8 Miles; Blackhawk to Greenwood18.5 Miles

Total Miles: 43



MS Highway 35

Southern Terminus:  Louisiana State Line (Below Sandy Hook, MS)

Northern Terminus:  Sardis Lake at MS 315

Cities Connected: Sandy Hook (Marion County); Columbia (Marion County); Bassfield (Jefferson Davis County); Mount Olive (Covington County); Mize (Smith County); Raleigh (Smith County); Forest (Scott County); Carthage (Leake County); Kosciusko (Attala County); Vaiden (Carroll County); Carrollton (Carroll County); Holcomb (Grenada County); Charleston (Tallahatchie County); Batesville (Panola County); Sardis (Panola County); Sardis Lake at MS 315 (Panola County)

Total Miles: 267



U.S. Highway 51

Southern Terminus: La Place, LA

Northern Terminus: Hurley, WI

Total Miles in Mississippi: 269

Total Miles in U.S.: 1286




Vaiden/Kilmichael Road

The Vaiden/Kilmichael Road is actually comprised of two parts.

Western Terminus: Vaiden

Eastern Terminus: Kilmichael

Miles: From Vaiden Eastward to MS 407: 6.5; From Highway 407 to Kilmichael: 4

Note: Approximately 1.6 miles of MS 407 is part of the route to Kilmichael, and is historically part of what is called the “Vaiden/Kilmichael Road,” because it connects the western and eastern parts of the route.  However, MS 407 is an individually designated highway in itself.

Distance from Vaiden to Kilmichael (full route): 13.8 Miles



Interstate 55

Southern Terminus: La Place, LA

Northern Terminus: Chicago, IL

Total Miles in Mississippi: 290.5

Total Miles in U.S.: 944



Nearby U.S. Highways


U.S. Highway 82

Eastern Terminus: Brunswick, GA at I-95

Western Terminus: Alamogordo, NM at US 54 and US 70

Total Miles in Mississippi: 173

Total Miles in U.S.: 1609



Distances (based on Yahoo and other on-line maps):


Vaiden to Kilmichael: 13.8 miles

Vaiden to Winona: 11.7 miles

Vaiden to West: 10.0 miles

Vaiden to Blackhawk: 17.8 miles

Vaiden to Carrollton: 22.0 miles

Vaiden to Greenwood: 37.1 miles

Vaiden to Grenada: 36.4 miles

Vaiden to Starkville: 61.8 miles

Vaiden to Oxford: 94.9 miles

Vaiden to Jackson: 81.6 miles

Vaiden to Hattiesburg: 169.7 miles

Vaiden to Memphis, TN: 131.9 miles

Vaiden to New Orleans, LA:267.1 miles

Vaiden to Atlanta, GA: 344.8 miles

Vaiden to Chicago, IL: 660.8 miles

Vaiden to Dallas, TX: 486.1 miles

Vaiden to Orlando, FL: 783.1 miles


And Just For Fun:


Vaiden to Los Angeles, CA: 1916.2 miles

Vaiden to New York, NY: 1294.6 miles

Vaiden to Honolulu, HI: 4195 miles

Vaiden to Anchorage, AK: 3230 miles

Vaiden to London, England: 4454 miles

Vaiden to Paris, France: 4627 miles

Vaiden to Rome, Italy: 5298 miles

Vaiden to Athens, Greece: 5929 miles

Vaiden to Sydney, Australia: 8979 miles

Vaiden to Tokyo, Japan: 6710 miles

Vaiden to Moscow, Russia: 5560 miles

Vaiden to Casablanca, Morocco: 4601 miles

Vaiden to Buenos Aires, Argentina: 5077 miles

Vaiden to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 4932 miles

Vaiden to Santiago, Chile: 4757 miles

Vaiden to Johannesburg, South Africa: 8718 miles

Vaiden to Beijing, China: 7122 miles

Vaiden to Istanbul, Turkey: 6004 miles

Vaiden to Jakarta, Indonesia: 10281 miles

Vaiden to Bombay, India: 8656 miles

Vaiden to the Moon: 238,751 miles (average)