The Earl Bishop Band

Live at Ralph’s Shake on the Lake

Yazoo City, MS



Earl Bishop Aldridge – Guitar and Vocals

Agnes Jo (“A.J.”) Aldridge – Vocals

Joe Malone – Guitar and Vocals

Paul Erickson – Bass

Ron Collins – Drums and Vocals


Recorded during the “Urban Cowboy” days of the early 1980s, Ralph’s was / is located on Wolf Lake in Yazoo City, MS.

This was an extremely popular spot, and many Friday and Saturday nights, you’d find the Earl Bishop Band packing

the house. Co-owned by brothers Ralph and Ed Gregory, many bands, local and otherwise were always welcome

to provide music and good times. You wouldn’t find a friendlier place anywhere. Since then, Ralph and Ed and Paul,

the bass player for the Earl Bishop Band have all gone on to their reward, but the memories of the good times and good friends

will never be forgotten. It was during these good times that the Earl Bishop Band recorded 5 live tapes, rightfully entitled

“Live at Ralph’s Shake on the Lake.” These are the songs from those 5 tapes. Ralph, Ed and Paul, this page is dedicated to you.

Requiescat in Pace



Click on the name of the song to hear it.

Tape 1:

Dixie on My Mind

Don’t You Ever Get Tired (of Hurting Me)

White Lightning

Seven Year Ache

Hank Ain’t Done It This Way

Bartender’s Blues

Memphis, Tennessee

Two More Bottles of Wine

Great Balls of Fire

Old Flame

Whiskey River

It’s So Easy

It’s Not Supposed to be That Way


Tape 2:

Waltz Across Texas

Couldn’t Do Nothin’ Right

If You Don’t Like Hank Williams

Hello, Texas

Jack Daniels, If You Please

Angel Flying Too Close To the Ground

Driving My Life Away



Tape 3:

C’est La Vie

It’s A Heartache

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

Johnny B. Goode

Couldn’t Do Nothin’ Right – Revisited

Let Me Be Your Baby

Gimme Three Steps


Cotton-Eyed Joe

It’s So Easy – Revisited

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues



Tape 4:


Silver Threads and Golden Needles

If You Don’t Like Hank Williams – Revisited

Stand By Me

Hot Legs

Looking For Love

Two More Bottles of Wine – Revisited


Almost Like a Song



Tape 5:

Tulsa Time

Don’t You Ever Get Tired – Revisited

White Lightning – Revisited

Jack Daniels, If You Please – Revisited

Temporarily Yours

Cherokee Fiddle

Driving My Life Away

Introductions of the Members of the Band

Old Flame – Revisited

Seven Year Ache – Revisited


Hello, Texas – Revisited

Somebody’s Knocking

Great Balls of Fire – Revisited

Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground – Revisited

On the Road Again

Bartender’s Blues – Revisited

You Ain’t Woman Enough (to Take My Man)

Why Don’t We Get Drunk


NOTE: When you see a song with “Revisited” as part of the title, this means that it was part of the

show on a different night than the first - probably on a Saturday, rather than a Friday night -

(but not always).


If you are reading this and listening to the songs, you were probably part of the crowd at Ralph’s Shake on the Lake.
Thank you for being our loyal fans.  Without you, it would not be the same.


If you have ANY pictures of the Earl Bishop Band performing at Ralph’s