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The Vaiden Baptist Church Sunbeams were held in the Educational Building (old Armstrong House).  I had the privilege to be a member while in the first and second grade in 1960/61 and 1961/62.  This building was demolished circa 1966, to make way for the new (current as of 2006) Educational Building.  All of us hated to see the old building go, especially after having such great memories of the Sunbeams.  Here are a few photos of the old building and of the Sunbeam classes there, which were led by Mrs. Wilson (Louise) Caddess, my aunt.


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Photo 4


[Ed. Note:  Photo 4 was a Sunbeam birthday party for Joe Lynn Gant and Pam Cross (seen seated at the table behind their Birthday Cakes.)]



Vaiden Outlook

By Mrs. T.C. Vaiden

The Conservative, November 16, 1961, P. 4




Mrs. Juanita Collins and Mrs. Hazel Fullilove honored their sons, Ronnie Collins and Jack Fullilove, with a Halloween Party at the home of Mrs. Collins on Oct.31st.  Members of the Sunbeam band of Vaiden Baptist Church were invited for the gala occasion.


The dining room was decorated in Halloween colors of orange and black, with balloons of all colors hanging at intervals throughout the room.  A large jack-o-lantern encircled with fall leaves formed the center piece at the refreshment table.  The tablecloth and napkins carried out the Halloween motif.


After several games were played and much merriment, the hostesses, assisted by Mrs. Louise Caddess and Mrs. Frances Shirley, served the guests punch, ice cream and cookies.  The favors were pumpkins filled with candy, Halloween hats, whistles, and poppers.


Those enjoying the party with the honored guests were: Brenda Calhoun, Pamela Cross, Diane Eades, Joe Lynn and James Allen Gant, Bruce, Kirk, and Beth Welch, Jane Lowery, Vickie O’Briant, Ricky and Theresa Shirley, Chris and Owen Palmertree, and Tommy Evans.  Another “Sunbeam,” Cindy Dulin, was ill and unable to attend.



Vaiden Outlook

The Winona Times, January 11, 1962, P. 9.



The “Sunbeams” of Vaiden Baptist Church, were entertained with a party during the Yule season, in the home of their director, Mrs. Wilson Caddess.


The living room was decorated with poinsettias and greenery.  The Christmas tree was adorned with many lights that was of interest to the group.  Gifts were exchanged and Carols were sung.


The centerpiece of the refreshment table consisted of poinsettias, pine and red candles.  Mrs. Juanita Collins assisted Mrs. Caddess in serving punch, Cookies, and candies to the guests.  Plates and napkins carried out the “Santa Claus” motif.  Favors were red boots of candies.


After the party, Mrs. Caddess and the Sunbeams delivered “love gifts” of fruits and other goodies to four of Vaiden’s lovely elderly ladies.  Carols were sung by the group at each home they visited.


Those present for the occasion were Brenda Calhoun, Pamela Cross, Ronnie Collins, Cindy Dulin, Betty Ferguson, Jane Lowery, Vicki O’Briant, and Billy McCorkle.  Other guests were Mrs. Maxine Calhoun, Mrs. A. J. Ferguson, and Mrs. James McCorkle.



Vaiden Outlook

By Mrs. T.C. Vaiden

The Conservative, April 26, 1962, P. 6.





The Sunbeams were honored with an Easter egg hunt at the home of Mrs. Wilson Caddess, Friday.  Mrs. Maxine Calhoun was co-hostess for the occasion.


Prizes were won by Joe Lynn Gant, Kirk Welch and Chris Palmertree.


Chris Palmertree was surprised with a decorated birthday cake and gift from Mrs. Caddess.


Refreshments were served by Wanda and Linda Calhoun, Betty Winters, and Judy Hogue.


The Sunbeams present were: Chris and Owens Palmertree, Ronnie Collins, Diane Eades, Brenda Calhoun, Pamela Cross, Cindy Dulin, Beth, Bruce and Kirk Welch, Joe Lynn and James Allen Gant, Jack Fullilove, Jane Lowery, Betty Ferguson, Billy Britt, and Peter Raby.


Others attending were Rev. and Mrs. Earl Ezell and Melonie, Rita Yates,Mrs. Hubert Britt and Sandra, Mrs. Elton Raby, Ellen and Susan, Mrs. Hazel Fullilove, Mrs. Juanita Collins, and “Bubber” Calhoun.


1962 Easter Egg Hunt Photos


Photo 1 – Rev. Earl Ezell and the kids


Photo 2 – Bruce Welch


Photo 3 – Jayne Lowery


Photo 4 – Pam Cross


Photo 5 – Cindy Dulin




Vaiden Outlook

By Mrs. T.C. Vaiden

The Conservative, November 8, 1962, P. 3.





Mrs. Wilson Caddess entertained the members of the Baptist Sunbeam band with a Halloween Party in her home, Oct. 21st.


The living room was decorated to fit the occasion, in the usual colors – black and orange, and various colored balloons.  A big jack-o-lantern surrounded by fall leaves adorned the table.


After games were played and prizes presented to the winners, Mrs. Caddess presented birthday gifts to Pam Cross and Peter Raby, as the group sang “Happy Birthday.”


Mesdames E.P. Raby, Charles Locke and Hubert Britt assisted Mrs. Caddess in serving punch, cookies, and candies to the group.  Halloween favors were given to each child.


Members present for the occasion were: Pam Cross, Ronnie Collins, Brenda Calhoun, Billy Britt, Peter Raby, Cindy Dulin, Beth and Kirk Welch, Ricky Bufkin, Beverly and Teresa Locke, Sherry and Dale Chisholm.


Others present were: Mrs. E.P. Raby and Ellen, Mrs. Hubert Britt and Susan, Mrs. Elaine Locke, Owen and Chris Palmertree, Mrs. A.C. Long and Carl Long and Al of Birmingham, Ala.



Vaiden Outlook

By Mrs. T.C. Vaiden

The Conservative, November 22, 1962, P. 2.




The Sunbeam band of Vaiden Baptist Church met in the home of Mrs. Wilson Caddess last Thursday.  Fourteen members were present.


Mrs. Caddess urges that all children from four through 8 years of age enroll in the Sunbeams.


The next meeting will be Thursday, November 29th, in the home of Mrs. Caddess.



Vaiden Outlook

By Mrs. T.C. Vaiden

The Conservative, April 25, 1963, P. 3.




The Sunbeams of Vaiden Baptist Church were entertained with an Easter egg hunt, Sunday, April 14th, at the home of the Sunbeam director, Mrs. Wilson Caddess.


The parents of the Sunbeams were invited to attend, and a special egg hunt was arranged for the tiny tots present.


Of this group, Melonie Ezell won the prize for finding the most eggs, and also won the prize for finding the “Queen’s Nest.”


Cindy Dulin won 1st Prize for finding the most eggs in the Sunbeam Group.  Ronnie Collins won second place, Billy Britt won a prize in a guessing game that was played.


Wanda Calhoun and Betty Ferguson, G.A.’s, assisted in hiding the eggs.


Mrs. Juanita Collins served punch, cookies, candies and Easter favors to the 40 that attended the hunt.


1963 Easter Egg Hunt Photos


Photo 1     Photo 2