Mayoral Altercation



The Weekly Clarion, February 7, 1867, Vol. XXX, No. 11 [MR 00001077], Page 7


We are sorry to announce another shooting affray, which took place in Vaiden, Carroll county, last week.  Mr. Daniel Grantham was fined by Mr. Sproles, the Mayor, for riotous conduct, and on refusing to pay the fine Mr. Williams the constable, levied on his horse.


Grantham afterwards went to Sproles, in his office, and asked him if he intended to make him pay the fine.  Sproles told him that he did; whereupon Grantham drew a pistol and attempted to shoot Sproles, but Sproles knocked the pistol up, and the ball took effect in the eye of Williams, killing him instantly.


Sproles then caught the pistol, and during the scuffle Grantham fired, the ball taking effect in the groin of Mr. Sproles, inflicting, it is thought a mortal wound.  At last accounts Mr. Sproles was living, but there was little hopes of his recovery.



[Ed. Note:  In the research (so far), no mention is made of Mr. Sproles’ or Mr. Williams’ first name, and no records have been found to indicate the duration of Mr. Sproles’ term as Vaiden Mayor.  However, if the mayor’s name was  S.R. Sproles (and if he is the same S.R. Sproles that is buried in the Vaiden Cemetery), he survived the bullet to the groin and died 13 years later, on March 27, 1880.  If Mr. Williams’ name was A.B. Williams, he is buried in the Vaiden Cemetery, as well, and the date of his death, January 25, 1867, coincides with the newspaper article above.]



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