Percy Hathorn School

Class of 1970



The 1970 Senior Class of the Percy Hathorn Public School (formerly known as North Vaiden School), was the last graduating class at this location.  Beginning in 1971, high school students from the Hathorn School attended school and graduated at the Vaiden High School. At that time, the Hathorn School remained open for elementary students.


The 1970 Seniors are listed below.  Due to the lack of a composite photo for this class, they are listed here by name only, in the alphabetical order of their last name.  Please click on each name for the picture of that student.


Sara Applewhite

Carrie Brownlow

James Burch

Norman Cobbins

Geneva Collins

Frank Davis

Betty R. Ellis

Hattie Forrest

Henry Hearn

Claude Horton

Howard Jones

Linda Jones

Maxine Jones

John S. Jordan

Lillie Kenney

Johnnie McBride

Lester McClain

Larry McCrary

Earnestine Williams

Eddie Woods



The Percy Hathorn Public School closed in 2006.


All Photos Courtesy of and with the Tireless Efforts of Doris McLain


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