Carroll County Men Charged With Murder in Slaying of Negro

Negro Killed After Being Released From Carroll County Jail

Greenwood Commonwealth, Wednesday, May 10, 1939.  P. 1.


Vaiden, Miss., May 10 (AP) – Deputy Sheriff Lum Jones of Carroll county said today Jim and Buck McCorkle had been charged with murder in connection with the death Monday of Banes Sanders, a Negro, and had been freed on bond of $750 each.


Sanders’ body was found riddled with bullets, the Deputy said, shortly after he had been released from Carroll county jail.


The deputy said the McCorkles had charged Sanders with abusing and cursing them but subsequently had withdrawn the charges.


The McCorkles surrendered yesterday a short time after a coroner’s jury had returned a verdict Sanders was “killed by parties unknown,” Jones added.




Negro Killed In Vaiden Courthouse

Released From Jail By Deputy

Coroner Reports Man Killed By Party Unknown

Shot Eleven Times

Marshal Switzler In Basement At Time Of Shooting


Winona Times, May 12, 1939.  P.1



Banes Sanders, a Negro farmer about fifty years of age, was found dead in the courthouse hall in Vaiden, Mississippi, about 10:30 o’clock on Monday morning.  It is alleged that Sanders was arrested Sunday after threatening to kill a white farmer of Carroll County and placed in jail in Vaiden.


Monday morning about 10:30 he was released from the jail by Deputy Sheriff Bill Switzler who after unlocking the jail door stepped down into the basement of the courthouse which was not over fifty feet from where the Negro was killed.


The Negro started out of the jail and after stopping a few feet from the cell door was shot eleven times with 32-20 and 38 caliber bullets.


A coroner’s inquest was held and the report was “killed by party or parties unknown.”


Two Carroll County farmers surrendered to the Sheriff Tuesday morning and immediately made bail and were released.


[Ed. Note:  The follow-up to this horrible event will be researched and will be posted as it becomes available.]