Borderline was: Renee, vocals and keyboards; Joe Frank (guitar, vocals and bass (when Woody moved away)); Ron, drums and vocals; Billy, guitar and vocals; Woody, bass and vocals; Mike, guitar and vocals; Earl, guitar and vocals (not pictured)


The demo songs on this page were recorded at MISS 103 in Jackson, MS in January 1987and were used in promoting the band. Because they were used as demo songs, they are not the full length.

Earl Bishop Aldridge was also in the band at the time of the demo and will be heard on some of the songs, although he had left the band by the time the picture above was taken.

Audio was mastered by George Thomas of MISS 103.

To listen, click on the name of a song below. Each song is listed in the order they appeared on the demo.


Words Get In the Way (Renee Dunn, Vocals)

He’s a Miracle (Renee Dunn, Vocals – adapted from She’s a Miracle, by Exile)

Whoever’s in New England (Renee Dunn, Vocals)

Silver Threads and Golden Needles (Renee Dunn, Vocals)

Break it to Me Gently (Renee Dunn, vocals)

Hell and High Water (Billy Hill, vocals)

Crazy for Your Love (Billy Hill, vocals)

On the Other Hand (Earl Bishop Aldridge, vocals)

Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile (Earl Bishop Aldridge, vocals)

Looking for a Feeling (Earl Bishop Aldridge, vocals)

The Chair (Earl Bishop Aldridge, vocals)

Foggy Mountain Breakdown


Click Below to See Borderline Perform “He’s A Miracle” at the Jimmie Rodgers Festival in Meridian, MS in 1987. This song was originally by Exile and was called “She’s A Miracle,” but since Renee was singing it, the gender was changed. There are two links to the song. One is in .mp4 format and the other is in .mkv format. If you are using Internet Explorer to view the video, you will be able to watch either version of it without downloading it. If you are using Chrome, you may have to download either version first. The .mp4 download is around 78 megabytes and the .mkv download is around 94.2 megabytes. Allow a minute for it to load. Since this was in 1977 and was taken from a VHS tape today (10/29/2016), the picture is very washed out, but the sound is good. The .mp4 version is about .2 or .3 seconds out of sync, but the .mvk is synced with no time issues. This was recorded by WLBT Channel 3 in Jackson.

Borderline beat out all the bands that performed the day before and we were invited back for the 2nd day to perform as the only band. Here are the links:


.MP4                .MKV


This Page is Lovingly Dedicated to Billy Charles Hill (09/09/1947 – 01/06/2012)

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